Solving World of Solitaire


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Solving World of Solitaire

If you want to win World of Solitaire, the one thing you must do is play the second and third turn properly. Each turn you play you must check if there are any characters in the discard pile. If you can’t find one then it means that your opponent will have found it.

If your hand has a card that’s better than the character on the left, you can move on to the next card. If your hand has a card that’s better than the character on the right, you can go back to the left side. But if your hand has no better cards, you need to check the left discard pile. Since it’s in the middle, it’s much more likely to contain a character that’s better than the one you’re playing. And since it has a high discard value, it’ll be worth more when you’re able to find it.

The best way to win a game of World of Solitaire is to make sure that you move on to the third turn. If you don’t you’ll end up losing the game by the time the third turn rolls around. And even if you can hold out for the third turn, you will have played poorly because the more difficult turns you make the more likely you are to draw the worst cards.

So the first turn you play is the most important. That way you can easily see if you have a better hand than your opponent.

You can easily move on to the discard pile with a plain back-to-back. But it’s a good idea to do something a little more complicated. You can also try a free step with the discard pile by placing a character or two on the left.

For example, if your discard pile contains only King and Queen then you can easily check the left and discard the right. If you check both piles, then the first character that you play is the one that you discard. If your discard pile contains a King and Queen then the second card that you play is the one that you discard.

You may not be able to simply move on to the discard pile, but you should still play it carefully. Keep a hand full of characters so that you can check the left pile as well as the right. This way you can be certain that you won’t draw the worst card on the left and that your discard pile contains the best cards.

Make sure you always use your discard pile carefully. And never, ever, take it for granted.